Why did Isynthesis Design start designing and manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE)?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for certain medical devices, including PPE, exceeded the available supply in Canada. We are a team of skilled designers who excel at R&D with the drive and desire to help.


Why would research & development (R&D) be important when designing and manufacturing a PPE Face Shield?

Health Canada recognized the need for organizations to seek innovative manufacturing approaches to produce PPE (including Face Shields) for frontline health workers, but there are technical considerations to ensure they are safe, effective and of high quality and must meet certain regulatory standards.


How would a PPE Face Shield help protect against enveloped viruses?

Face shields are essential personal protective equipment for your business to protect worker’s facial area and associated mucous membranes (e.g. eyes) against splashes, sprays, and body fluids by providing a protective barrier.


Has the Maple Leaf Shield passed industry standard testing?

Yes, with a wide variety of products quickly emerging on the market, safety and quality must be a top priority. Rest assured, Maple Leaf Shield complies with the test criteria established by Health Canada based on CSA standards.


It is recommended PPE is not shared. Do you have a solution for this?

Yes, as a Design Studio we will incorporate names into the final design (when requested) on both the Headgear and Face Shield to make it easy for identification, which is especially important after each use and cleaning.


After cleaning our Maple Leaf Shields how do we keep them clean in between uses?

Please keep the reclosable bags your Maple Leaf Shield was received in and use them to store your cleaned Face Shield and Headgear in between uses. The single-track zipper closure keeps out dirt and moisture. Meets FDA and USDA requirements.


We are planning for reopening and in addition to protecting our workers will need to communicate to the public as well. Can you help?

Yes, designing Information Signage which is relevant to your space based on recommendations from the government takes research and understanding of the risk. We can help assess, make recommendations and produce what you need based on your plan to minimize the risk.


Why include graphics, branding and personalization in your offering?

Let's be honest, no one really wants the new 2020 accessory to be PPE. Times have changed and we need to continue working together to help flatten the curve to ultimately give the gift of time to researchers to work on developing a COVID-19 vaccine. The functionality in the past was strictly used for medical use and other industries that are in direct contact with potential dangers. As a design studio, we decided to add personalization to help counter the negative connotations—adding that personal touch drives personality of the product and individual wearing the device and invokes a positive outlook, ultimately protecting themselves and others around them.


Maple Leaf Shield PPE logo -
Maple Leaf Shield PPE logo -